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Welcome Back, Students!

College students:

Come Friday Nights at 5:30 PM at the Newman Center. We will have Mass, a delicious Dinner, Volleyball, and fun! Fr. Ignatius will also share about his work with the leper colony.

Sunday Mass will be at the Newman Center, not the Lutheran Church ALL YEAR!

Sunday at 5:30 PM Holy Catholic Mass at the Newman Center: 700 Union Street, Arcata. Confessions at 5:00 PM. Come at 4:45PM to help sing and play music unto the Lord!

After Sunday Mass we will have a class on explaining the Catholic faith to Athiests. Begins at 7 PM

Sat., Aug., 27 Meet at 10 AM at the Newman Center. We will hike Strawberry Rock. Bring water.

Office Hours Wed. and Thurs. 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM

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John Newman
The Humboldt State University Catholic Newman Center
is part of a network of Catholic college student organizations honoring Blessed John Henry Newman.

The Newman Center is a place for students to meet, eat together, pray together, go to Mass, learn about the Catholic faith, gather to serve the community and to have fun!

The Newman Center Catholic Student Club puts on campfires, retreats, hiking trips, classes to learn about Catholicism, participates in the prayer of the Catholic Church, adores the Blessed Sacrament, serves the community and much more.

Join us weekly during the HSU school year on Fridays at 5:30 PM for Mass, a delicious dinner and fun at the Newman Center: 700 Union Street, Arcata.

Sunday Mass is celebrated at 5:30 PM at the Newman Center: 700 Union Street, Arcata.

The HSU Newman Community has been part of the HSU community since 1958.



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